Architect(s) - Design For The Next Generation

Looking for exposure to a new age of projects? Design for the next generation with this multiple award-winning practice.

What do we mean by the next generation of design? This is a studio that boasts an exclusive access to international clients hell-bent on design innovation in every sector. They design and deliver cutting-edge projects that tap into the experience of users whilst focusing on the community, local culture, and simultaneously innovating in both complex geometry and sustainability.

This new age of design is directly targeted at the next generation. Following extensive research, the studio understands that Gen Z is interested in the experience of a project first and foremost, with sustainability, innovation and aesthetic appeal followed closely behind. This has resulted in a new age of design that incorporates all of these factors through futuristic projects.

The successful candidate will gain immediate exposure to a flagship international masterplanning project based in China, currently at early concept stage. This masterplanning scheme has a central focus around Luxury Retail (think experiential art exhibition / gallery design with futuristic robotic installations with world-renowned artists) but also includes a high-rise luxury tower with commercial, hospitality and residential components, alongside a range of public realm buildings, landscape design and a wider project narrative focusing on innovation, sustainability, futurism and much more.

Additional UK + EU based projects are also on offer.

This studio avoids designing with straight lines, offering a creative playground for those seeking to experiment with computational design, complex curvatures, and innovative parametric architecture.

Essential Requirements:

  • Advanced Revit &/or Rhino skills.
  • Previous Retail, Exhibition, Museum, or international High-Rise Tower experience.
  • A dynamic, consistent approach to work with a strong design flair or an eye for or aesthetic art.
  • Ability to speak Mandarin (highly desired) - individuals that cannot speak Mandarin will use a company provided translator when dealing directly with the client for this particular project in China.
  • Demonstrable creative flair working at front-end design stages (RIBA 0-4).

If you are looking for exposure to cutting-edge projects whilst retaining a healthy work/life balance with an employer that invests heavily into staff well-being, look no further.

Opportunities for Visa Sponsorship are available.

Apply with a CV + Folio to Reece Nevel at Adrem Group for further information.