Del Hossain Appointed Professor of Architecture by Bartlett!

Reece Nevel

August 22, 2022

Del Ucl Appointment 2

Adrem is immensely proud to announce that our Chairman, Del Hossain, has been appointed Associate Professor of Architecture in Practice & Project Management at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL!   

We know Del would not want to announce this and ordinarily would let it go unmentioned, but we wanted to take a moment to recognise Del’s commitment to architecture and teaching. He is an advocate for learning across the architectural profession, including as a Trustee at the LSA.   

Del completed his Part III at UCL in 1993 and was in practice before going into the world of design careers, as well as practicing as a Wellbeing Psychologist. Del has been a module leader since 2019, and we are all super proud of this well-deserved recognition and appointment.   

Adrem is incredibly passionate about the work we do in supporting students across the industry. This work is underpinned by our Commander + Chief!    Please join us in congratulating Del on this development, for someone who develops others both in the office and outside.


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