Archiboo Innovation Award

Reece Nevel

August 22, 2022

Archiboo Innovation Award

Are you an architectural employer that is innovating above and beyond your competitors?

Maybe you are using Midjourney (or another AI design tool) in your design process, or maybe you have adopted a new system that enables staff to work effectively from home / another country?

Adrem Group are working alongside the organisers of Archiboo on a prestigious architectural innovation award, looking at the way design businesses are innovating beyond the design. The role of the practice is changing, and innovation and the ingenuity and entrepreneurship of the organisation is increasingly the difference in the life of a practice. We are super excited about this and are keen to put the word out!

Winning or being shortlisted for this award will provide you with:

  • Free press + another dimension to your creative business  

  • Opportunities to attract new clients + staff members that are invested in innovation – show the market you are operating in this area

  • A different kind of ‘Award’ not based on what you draw but what you do, which will help you stand out in a highly competitive market

  • A great opportunity to network at the award ceremony

Entry is easy! Prepare the following criteria, head over to the awards page using the link below and submit your entry.


What is the innovation?

(150 words)

What is the innovation and what problem are you solving? Is it a result of the pandemic or is it a structural problem that's forced you to look for new opportunities? Or is the innovation about providing a better service to clients?

Who is innovating?

(100 words)

How are ideas being shared? How are you communicating the importance of innovation?

What has changed?

(100 words)

What has changed? Has it helped grow the practice? Has it helped you stay ahead of the competition? Has it helped you take advantage of new technologies? How has it created value?

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