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Del Hossain

May 11, 2022

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Here at Adrem, we measure our activity by tracking and regularly reviewing key data points. This helps to keep our consultants and, therefore our clients informed as to what is happening in the market. 

Our Associate Director,, recently reviewed the architecture placement data from Q1 (2022) and has some interesting insights to share. These insights provide an indication as to who is currently ‘winning the race for new talent’ within the architecture industry.  

For the third consecutive quarter, the number one reason that a candidate made the move was for greater flexibility (to work from home). With the ideal arrangement appearing to be a hybrid working week, with an average of 3 days working from the office and 2 days working from home.  

Over 76.2% of individuals that made the move decided to join studios that were offering a hybrid working week and only 19% made the move to studios requiring employees to be in the office full time. The remaining 4.8% of candidates were hired by firms that have fully embraced remote working, often with an open office policy in place. 

Back in 2021, we surveyed over 678 architectural professionals and found that 23% of employers had returned to the office full time, 47% had adopted a hybrid working week, 23% were working flexibly, and 7% were completely remote with no plans to return to the office. 

Please help us to build an accurate picture of the current ‘lay of the land’ by taking a moment to respond to the following poll….

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How has your company (workplace) decided to operate?

Back to the Office (Full-Time) 19%

Split: Office Based & WFH 48%

Flexible (Open Office Policy) 24%

Completely Remote (WFH) 9%

269 votes Poll closed

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