Working From Holiday?

Reece Nevel

May 11, 2022


How far are companies willing to go to offer as much flexibility as possible in the workplace?

Flexible working has never been so desirable. Going through the Covid pandemic has proved to many that it is possible to work just as productively from home as in the office. Possibly even more productively with less distractions, no time wasted on travelling to the office etc.

At Adrem Group, we have fully embraced flexible working. Many of our consultants are based outside of London and are able to spend the majority of their time working remotely from home. That wasn’t enough for us and we decided to take this one step further…

Recently, a number of our employees have chosen to combine a holiday with working; One of our consultants, Abe Khan, was able to travel to Istanbul for 2 weeks to visit friends. He arranged to work in the mornings and take the rest of the day off to relax. This meant that he was still able to keep on top of his work, his clients and colleagues were not affected by his holiday, and he didn’t have hundreds of emails to catch up on when he returned home.

Our Payroll Manager, Rozeta has also just returned from Albania where she was visiting her family. Roza was away for 2 and a half weeks but worked part time throughout her holiday where she was still able to manage the payroll function remotely.

By having this flexibility both Abe and Roza were able to save their annual leave for additional time off throughout the year. The best of both worlds, they were able to stay on top of their work but still had plenty of time to relax, see family and friends, and enjoy their holidays! 


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