Upskilling in the Workforce

Del Hossain

May 11, 2022


Upskilling in the Workforce: How Office / Business Support Staff Can Stay Relevant in the Industry...

As competition increases in this fast-paced digital world, more and more employees are looking to upskill themselves. Finding talented business support staff, PA, receptionists, and office managers is one of the biggest concerns of employers who are recruiting. As competition increases, more and more employees are looking to upskill themselves.

How To Upskill Yourself As An Employee...
If you want to become a better asset to your workplace and stay relevant in your industry, here are some upskilling techniques you can follow:

- Online Courses -
The biggest advantage of virtual courses is that they can be accessed from anywhere at any time, eliminating the restrictions of working hours / office-based learning. Employees can access online courses to 'up their talents' and qualifications from credible sources likeSkillshare,LinkedIn Learning,HubSpot Academy,MIT Open Learning, and more. You can learn these courses at your own pace whenever you have the time to do so.

- Micro Training -
Microlearning or micro training involves short-term, bite-sized learning activities. Not only are these training activities short in time, but they also enable you to retain learned content in a better way.
Microlearning focuses on narrower topics that you can get in short doses and do not take as much time as longer training courses. With this type of training, employees can boost their learning and performance most efficiently.

- Mentoring -
Getting the expertise of a person who is more experienced than you is a great way to upskill yourself. Employees can shadow their mentors, watch them work, have discussions on the type of skills they want to cultivate, and learn directly from their experience under them.

- Coaching -
If you want to learn under a coach, you can do so. Coaches receive special training to guide people who are new to the industry or want to elevate their skills.
Coaching offers a personalized learning experience that aligns with a worker’s personal goals and helps them realize their potential. This is a highly effective strategy to close your skill gap and work toward your goals in small steps.

Why Upskilling Matters...
Upskilling is one of the most effective ways to stay relevant in your industry:

● Helps you become more valuable to your employer so you can get that salary increase or promotion
● Learning something new gives you a fresh perspective and makes your job more satisfying
● Allows you to discover new passions
● You grow as a person by constantly learning new skills
● Enables you to take on more responsibility

Upskilling not only makes you better at what you do, but it also helps you become more valuable to your current and any potential new employer. It also improves your personal development and allows you to achieve both your personal and professional goals.


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