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May 16, 2020


Adrem have partnered with three Built Environment specialists working across the fields of HR, marketing, wellbeing and fitness to form ThinkHub.  

ThinkHub brings together industry experts across a wide spectrum to offer guidance and advice to those who may seek it. As COVID-19 makes us reconsider all aspects of life, ThinkHub aims to offer support to those who find themselves searching for advice. By bringing together experts in the fields of HR, marketing, wellbeing and fitness, ThinkHub covers a variation of topics, offering one-to-one guidance through COVID-19 and beyond. 

Del | Business advice & Wellbeing

Del practiced as an Architect, and then went on to qualify as a Positive Psychologist and Wellbeing Coach, skills which he has combined with his professional experience to offer guidance on business psychology. Covid-19 will have drastically affected the way that businesses operate, with business environments and leadership essential in refocusing teams to look towards the future. Del has worked with organisations, leaders and individuals for 20 years, and brings to ThinkHub a wealth of knowledge aimed at transforming your business for the better.  

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