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May 17, 2020

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Adrem have partnered with three Built Environment specialists working across the fields of HR, marketing, wellbeing and fitness to form ThinkHub.  

ThinkHub brings together industry experts across a wide spectrum to offer guidance and advice to those who may seek it. As COVID-19 makes us reconsider all aspects of life, ThinkHub aims to offer support to those who find themselves searching for advice. By bringing together experts in the fields of HR, marketing, wellbeing and fitness, ThinkHub covers a variation of topics, offering one-to-one guidance through COVID-19 and beyond. 

Del, Managing Director of Adrem said ‘The present environment has left people anxious about the future and we have had numerous clients and employees reaching out to us seeking advice about their security, jobs, their commercial futures and their general wellbeing.  We have decided to create a hub of experts that will offer advice. ThinkHub’ is an avenue for support, to help you turn negatives into positives, so that you can progress your thinking.”

The one-to-one sessions can be via video call or telephone with your chosen specialist. Below is the full list of the industry experts that are participating within ThinkHub. 

Del | Business advice & Wellbeing

Del practiced as an Architect, and then went on to qualify as a Positive Psychologist and Wellbeing Coach, skills which he has combined with his professional experience to offer guidance on business psychology. Covid-19 will have drastically affected the way that businesses operate, with business environments and leadership essential in refocusing teams to look towards the future. Del has worked with organisations, leaders and individuals for 20 years, and brings to ThinkHub a wealth of knowledge aimed at transforming your business for the better.  

Contact Del here

Niki | HR Specialist in the Built Environment

Before co-founding EvolutionHR, Niki was HR Manager at a leading global architecture practice. After mass furloughing in the industry, there have been several questions as to what happens next. Does this mean my job is secure? What does this mean for employers, how can they offer support? Niki has joined ThinkHub to offer HR support, with her particular expertise covering the implementation and practical application of HR policies and procedures making her perfectly placed to answer these burdening questions. 

Contact Niki here

Farzana | Keeping fit and healthy

Farzana began her career as an architect, going on to become a fitness and nutritionist guru at Recipe Architects. As working from home has become common place for many of us, questions over how we can maintain a healthy body and mind have arisen. Farzana's global track record in training and advising clients from 'illness to wellness,' makes her a fantastic addition to the ThinkHub team, helping you get fighting fit for your career.

Contact Farzana here

Carl | Career, Portfolio & CV advice

Architecturally trained and Head of Architecture at Adrem, Carl can help you stand out from the crowd, providing useful ways to approach a search for employment. His knowledge of the Built Environment allows him to provide essential insights into the market, knowing exactly which software and skills you should be learning to stay relevant in today's market. 

Contact Carl here

Olivia | Keeping up appearances

Before founding Concrete, Olivia practiced as a Landscape Architect and previously worked for a leading developer, providing her with a wealth of experience and insight into the Built Environment. She brings to ThinkHub her expertise in marketing and business development, offering advice into how you can boost online traction and make your brand stand out from the crowd. 

Contact Olivia here

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At Adrem, the health, welfare and well-being of our clients, colleagues and staff is paramount.
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