IR35: Put on hold for a year

Adrem Marketing

March 26, 2020


During this tumultuous and unprecedented time, a few things have surprised me. Firstly, the French pledge of 300 Billion Euros was most impressive, which was then followed by Rishi’s UK pledge of £330 Billion, but now as part of that package the government has announced the delay of the off payroll implementation, or IR35 as it is better known, until 6th April 2021.

IR35 is the tax avoidance scheme introduced to curtail freelancers working through limited companies. In reality, contractors with no job security because they aren’t permanent employees describe IR35 as being a bit like having a little brother who nicks your stuff, you know he is not right and is taking your cash when you are asleep, but you kind of get used to him and his bad ways because…. well he is your brother. The delay in introduction just means the little brother has been caught and locked up for a year. Maybe he’ll be locked up for good!

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