Why You Should Start Your Job Search Before Christmas

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November 28, 2019

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​The majority of job seekers assume that most companies are not hiring during the holiday season and they should wait to start their search in the New Year, but that’s simply not true. You can land a new role before Christmas, but if it doesn’t happen, make sure it’s not for lack of trying. Get yourself out there!

Reasons why you should start your job search before Christmas:
  • Less competition 

  • More networking opportunities 

  • Stand out from the crowd 

  • Less stress in the New Year

Job Search Before Christmas

Some tips on how to secure that job:
  • Keep your schedule flexible 

  • Clean up of your social profiles

  • Send speculative applications 

  • Stay in touch with decision makers 

For more tips on preparing for your job search, read more on How to Write A CV That Works and How To Prepare For An Interview.

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