9 Ways Linkedin Can Get You Your Next Job

July 19, 2019

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​From tweets to snaps, social media has become the main communication tool for today’s society. With LinkedIn as the top social media platform for professionals, it’s only obvious you keep it up-to-date in order to land you your next dream job.

Here are 9 tips on how to maximise your profile and get noticed on Linkedin.

1. Use a professional photo

First impressions count! The first thing someone sees on your profile is your picture. By adding a professional photos that shows you are warm and welcoming is a great addition to any profile.

A good picture makes you look more approachable and increases your chances to have a positive connection with your next employer. Additionally, putting up a background photo would add some personality into your page – it can be a project you are proud of or a picture from your travels.

2. Consistency is key

Building your personal brand can be challenging, however being consistent is important. Your paper CV and portfolio should be in line with your LinkedIn profile. Even in aspects of your positions, dates as well as language, must all be consistent throughout. Hiring managers don’t appreciate switching from past tense and then present or from first person to third

3. Create your own URL

LinkedIn now has the option of creating your own profile URL personalised to what you want it to be, not to mention it makes it much easier for you to be found on search engines. After all, it looks a lot neater than a bunch of random letters and numbers attached to your profile.

4. Include a current job title even if you’re not employed

Most hiring managers can search for current job titles. Having a title such as “Graphic Designer” and “Currently Seeking” in the company title would help your profile appear in searches more frequently.

5. Write a great profile summary & headline

Your headline should not just provide information about what you do – but provide your value-added benefit to the viewer. What is your value proposition? Answer that question in your summary and headline.

6. Add effective sections in your profile

Your profile should be as full as possible – adding relevant experience, volunteering and accomplishments. Make them more effective by using action words that are from your targeted job description. Elaborate on times you were picked for a project or gained quantitative results. 

7. Showcase your skills

LinkedIn provides you with up to 50 skills to show recruiters how experienced you are. Ideally, use all 50 of them. If you’re going for a Marketing position, add skills such as ‘marketing strategy’, ‘digital marketing’ etc. This simply improves the chances of you being found by your skills to fill a role. It may even start a conversation between you and a connection who wants to know more about your diverse skills.

8. Showcase your projects: Add media

Adding work experience is useful, but details about a project your proud of can really make your profile stand out. Visuals are a great way of showcasing your talent on LinkedIn. It will not only catch the viewers’ attention, but also make your work memorable.

9. Ask for recommendations and endorsements

Genuine comments on your work strengthens your display of acknowledgement. Endorsements might not always be useful, however it increases the credibility of your profile and work.


Overall, keep your profile up-to-date and relevant. Make changes as it happens and don’t be afraid to connect with people that have common interest. Who knows, that might be your next boss.

Get in touch if you want to know more on how to utilise your professional social media account!

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