Val’s Views: Job Hunting as an Architect from Abroad

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April 17, 2019


Hi Val, I am not from the UK and was looking for job vacancies in London. What do I need to do in order to work as an Architect? What is your advice for job hunting as a foreign applicant in the UK?

The most common observation we come across with foreign applicants is that they certify themselves as Architects on their CV. In short to call yourself a Architect in the UK you must become registered with the ARB but depends on what country you come from as to what route you take through the ARB.

If you are not registered as an Architect with the ARB the best thing to do would be to look for jobs as Part 2 Assistants or Architectural Assistants, or depending on your level of experience as Senior Architectural Assistants. Once you begin working at a UK architectural practice and are able to demonstrate your skills and abilities with a few years of UK work experience, you can then qualify to become an Architect by taking the Part 3 Exam. Alternatively, you can also apply for Architectural Technologist roles that don’t require Part 3 qualifications but being proficient in Autocad/Revit will help you find work as will good constructional knowledge.

It is also more likely the the larger architectural practices will be able to sponsor the Tier 2 Visa that is required to work within the UK as a foreign applicant. So find out which practices are winning competitions or getting new commissions and contact those offices pro-actively. Make sure your cover letter, CV and portfolio are up to date and tailored specifically for the offices you’re applying to and refer to your strengths and interests in relation to the office you’re applying to. Just wanting to practice as an Architect isn’t enough, you will need to convince these firms that you should be practicing architecture at their studio and that they’d be missing out if you’d work for their competitors.

Val's Views: Qualified Architect in UK

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