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March 14, 2019

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“Dear Val, I came across this piece on social media and thought I’d put it to the test. How do you think robots will affect or worse still take over our jobs as architects?” 

As much as I love a good post-apocalyptic movie, we aren’t living in one just yet. I appreciate it can be daunting, hearing about redundancies due to automation but no need to panic. There are more jobs created by automation than are being destroyed. Though it would be naïve to say robots will never replace architects, it is more likely that your role or certain tasks will change rather than disappear entirely.

An Architect wears many hats: planner, designer, builder… yet human interaction is still vital to the industry. It’s not all a bad thing, BIM as an example, is saturated in the architecture industry and have a huge influence on day to day operations in practice. It is up to us (humans not robots-sorry Jarvis) to continue to train and educate ourselves, using the new tools provided to improve.

“Val, we have a culture in our office of working at least until 7.30pm. By the time I get home it’s at least an hour. I don’t feel that I have a life outside work and really miss things like the gym. I like my job and the projects are good, but I have zero work life balance. What can I do?”

I feel your pain – from time to time we all struggle with our work/life balance. With the amount of time we all now devote to our professional lives, we can tip the scales towards more work and less play.

This can be fine for short periods but long term it can be problematic and can affect both your physical and mental wellbeing. It is worth having a productive conversation with your boss about this and try to find the balance that works for both parties. Ask yourself, what does balance look like for you? This is never the same for everyone. What is your suggestion for a favourable outcome from both sides?  A solution to the problem will show your boss you are committed to the company.

Be prepared for compromise, you probably won’t get everything you hope for, but this could be the first step in the right direction and a better balance. If you are unfortunately unable to come to a mutually beneficial outcome, it may be time to look for a new opportunity.

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