Video: BoA Interview with Harleen McLean, Biophilic Designer

Savina Tang

July 30, 2018

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"Everybody has a connection with nature and everybody wants to express it."

– Harleen McLean, Biophilic Designer. 



In the most recent Business of Architecture UK podcast Rion Willard interviewed Harleen McLean about the process of organising Awestruck! Harleen explores how the exhibition is a perfect combination of marketing a movement, and creating a community of experts. This podcast explains the events you can expect, the people you will be able to network with and the opportunities for you to be a part of this growing community of Biophilic design. 

Through informing people about transforming their environments, Harleen describes how your workplace, home or even hospitals can be developed better to improve wellbeing with Biophilic design. 

Harleen aims to design spaces that promote happiness, satisfaction, relaxation and fulfilment, while reducing ailments such as depression, anxiety and stress. 

Listen to the podcast for a more detailed insight on how this event will benefit you and your ideas – with architectures and interior designers, to HR experts and simply people who want to improve their homes and offices. This event is a great opportunity to be a part of a movement of bringing wellbeing focused spaces into the UK. 


The Awestruck! exhibition will run from Monday 30 July to Friday 3 August and will be open every day, 9am until 8pm.

The exhibition will feature a range of biophilic design and art elements, creating a ‘guided walk through nature’ for visitors.

From a Buddhist Monk exploring Mindfulness to Bark Flower remedies aiding internal peace – this exhibition is a mini-festival for wellbeing. 

Harleen McLean Interiors is creating a sensory experience for visitors featuring a living wall installation to bring the outdoors in, and fabric designs converted into products for interiors including lighting, furniture, soft furnishings, and art.

The exhibition will also feature unique furniture created from natural materials and inspired by nature, including meditation chairs, coffee tables and hanging wooden art installation.

There will be individual talks and workshops taking place each day that exhibition visitors are also welcome to attend

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