Adrem’s Top 5 Interior Design Trends: July 2018

Deborah D'Silva

July 26, 2018

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Keeping up with design trends in the industry while being a creative is hard enough. We’re making it easy for you with our monthly round up of our favourite interior design picks you should keep up with. Follow us for other news, tips, trends and industry updates! 

1. Greenery 

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Interior designers and now favouring green spaces, with tropical wall paper and fresh green and spring related colour palettes. The form of leaf prints and bright greens and blues encourage the feelings of “peace and tranquility”. We love this because of how green makes everything cool and calm, and goes perfect with the hot summer we’re having! This design adds positivity and focuses on improving wellbeing through home interiors.

2. Customisable colourful furniture


With a new personalised approach to interior designing, Italian brand SITIA designed wonderful and chromatic customisable furniture which is suitable for both office and hospitality settings. The furniture is beautifully suited also for contemporary and minimalist homes. The sofa’s can be adjusted to boast a simple but whimsical aesthetic. A beautiful way to add a simplistic but classy addition to any seating area. 

3. Ultra Flexible Work Space


In general, minimalist co-working spaces pose subtle and neutral colours. London based architectural studio Soda created a dynamic workspace with a communal and cultural touch to it through a clean and minimalist design. However, they even included bold colours and accents through out to balance out the subdued interiors. This minimalist space is aimed at encouraging private working through non-invasive contemporary settings – and collaborative working through bolder colours.

4. Social Media Friendly Offices


Frank Gehry’s architectural firm designed the new Instagram office and it is a wonderful space with “ample photo opportunity”. Located in New York City, the Instagram office comes with a “soundproof media studio” and a design friendly contemporary interior. With social media being the point of contact  for a large community of interior designers – this trend certainly promotes not only sharing and interaction, but also promotes interior designers work online. 

Gehry successfully combined the company’s cheerful attitude with interior design through “chromatic half-dome indoor pavilions to a full-fledged nature corner with a vegetative wall and a small terrarium”, they stated.

5. Industrial-style Contemporary Homes


Whilst playing around with the aesthetic as well as the functionality of space, Normless Architecture Studio designed this home for a family of six. They used concrete like material for an industrial theme, combined with a neutral colour palette for a modern aesthetic. Therefore, making this one of the freshest and popular home trends that are being followed. Using the best of both worlds is an impressive and evergreen design for homes – thus making this list.

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