Formation /Formation – Exhibition by Jonathan Roson

July 27, 2017

Adrem Jonathan Roson Formation Reformation1 768x459

​About the Exhibition

The artworks in this exhibition reflect Jonathan’s interest in the (in)stability of sculptural forms and in particular the emergence of firstly, a new form that has no formal antecedents (e.g. Groundless Grid 2017, ’88’ 2014); secondly a new form produced by the reformation of a pre-existing form (e.g. Folded Door 2007-15, Ideograms 2017); thirdly, a new form produced by memory images of pre-existing form (e.g. Marble Mattress 2014) and fourthly, a new form produced on the surface of a pre-existing form (e.g. Machine Gestures 2015). The creation of the artworks in this exhibition have opened a way forward for Jonathan’s artistic practice concerning the discovery of new artificial forms within pre-existing natural forms.


About the Artist

Born in 1981 in Sydney, Australia, Jonathan Roson is an artist who primarily creates sculptures, installations and bespoke objects. After obtaining a Bachelor of Horticultural Science and a Master of Fine Arts in Sydney, Jonathan moved to London two years ago and currently has a studio in Hackney Wick. This present exhibition is the first by Jonathan in London.


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