Extended Show: Middle of the Middle of the Middle

February 02, 2017

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The exhibition ‘Middle of the Middle of the Middle’ is Joran’s 3rd solo London exhibition, which will be made up of work exploring the absorbent nature of different ply of paper and the interplay with permanent markers.

Joran Rapa Manché uses meticulous processes on unpredictable materials to comment on the inevitability of change. Using affordable materials and found objects, Rapa Manché creates tactile sculptures that transform through movement and their inevitable deterioration. Rapa Manché’s process is obsessive, precise and built around the exploration of handmade forms and unknown outcomes. 

The first series of work on paper will be comprised of six large kitchen roll ‘canvases’ on wooden stretcher bars. Joran pairs red and blue permanent markers to create geometric patterns in a continuous action, filling the entire ‘canvas’. The result is the back of the working area – the soaked through reaction of the markings. Also, six unraveled kitchen rolls hung on the wall based on the same geometric markings are made on the roll first, and then unraveled to see the markings dissipate.  The other paper ‘Recordings’ is made up of toilet paper sheets with patterns that are created by allowing the red and blue permanent markers to soak trough first then unravel the pieces to present in what looks like a large single sheet of toilet paper.

Adrem - Joran Rapa Manché © Middle of the Middle

Adrem – Joran Rapa Manché © Middle of the Middle

Alongside the paper works, three sculptures ‘2 Colour Printers’ complete the body of work. Apart from being sculptures, they are the tools that made all the permanent markings on all the paper works.

View more on Joran Rapa Maché’s Instagram page.


About the Artist 

Joran, a designer and illustrator at a well known AJ100 practice lives in London. He also holds an MA in visual arts, Camberwell College of Arts. 

Through his body of work, Rapa Manché explores themes concerning tradition, systems of belief and memory. Born in Malta in 1981, Joran Rapa Manché originally moved to London to study spatial design (BA Hons) at Chelsea College of Arts UAL before working in architecture.


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