Furniture Exhibition: 1 millimetre & Matter Of Stuff

September 01, 2016

Dreamspace 1millimetre Drape Chair 768x459

​Elegant / Minimal / Quirky / Detailed… Just a few words that could be used to describe 1 millimetre.

1 millimetre is a design studio based between London and Beirut. Designer, Sara studied at London’s Architectural Association and went on to work for Heatherwick Studio before establishing her own brand. She now heads 1 millimetre, designing on different scales for interiors, furniture and lighting.

Sara launched her new range earlier this year during Clerkenwell Design Week and is returning back to London this September for London Design Festival at Adrem’s Dreamspace gallery. Here, she will be exhibiting her previous and upcoming range including ‘Broken Slab’ which was inspired by the old, demolished buildings being replaced by soulless towers in Beirut.


1millimetre has been featured in New York Times The Thriving Designers Who Dominate Beirut’s Flourishing Scene article and Interior Design’s 19 Product Highlights From London Design Festival 2016.


Read our exclusive interview with Sara and what 1 millimetre’s brand stands for.


Dreamspace - 1 millimetre Braid Light ©

Dreamspace – 1 millimetre Braid Light ©

What originally made you want to establish your own brand/range?

1mm: Funny story, at my job interview with Heatherwick Studio; I was asked why I wanted to work there and my answer was, “Because I’m completely uninterested in anything that’s 200,000m2”. They burst out laughing and told me they were recruiting me for a 250,000m2 project. Thankfully, I ended up working at Heatherwick Studio but not on this project.

I like designing, I like details, I like the human scale and I felt I wasn’t doing enough of that.


What has been the biggest influence on 1 millimetre to date? 

1mm: The short answer is anything and everything. The world. From the monumental to the banal. As an example of the banal, I was recently in Lisbon and a scaffold inspired me to design a piece.

Dreamspace - 1 millimetre Tilt Candle ©

Dreamspace – 1 millimetre Tilt Candle ©

What are you currently interested in and how is it influencing your designs?

1mm: I’ve always liked to experiment with materiality as well as the juxtaposition and intersection of material for example I recently designed a marble table that looks like a tensile structure stretched on 4 poles. I am also currently working on African textiles inspired by my childhood in Nigeria.


Which designers today do you most admire?

1mm: If I had to choose one, it would be Patricia Urquiola without a doubt. There’s always that little killer detail that makes me smile. I also really like Nendo’s work.  

Patricia Urquiola - Glas Italia

Patricia Urquiola – Glas Italia

What do you consider to be most important in design?

1mm: What I strive to do is create functional, comfortable and beautiful objects that people will use on a regular basis and not create Art form. I don’t like designs with a narrative, feels to me like post rationalisations most of the time and I also think it’s irrelevant. You won’t buy a table because it has a long text stuck to it, you’ll buy a table because it’s beautiful and functional. I really dislike it when people talk about art and design as if they were the same thing. 


Where do you see 1millimetre in the next year?

1mm: Hopefully designing for brands.

Dreamspace - 1millimetre Slit ©

Dreamspace – 1millimetre Slit ©

Matter of Stuff

Matter of Stuff will unveil a selection of new pieces from their online gallery-shop. Works by 1millimetre Studio, Michal Fargo, Marina Dragomirova, Laetitia DeAllegri and Matteo Fogale, Erik Olovsson, Fernando Laposse, Alessandro Marelli, Olga Bielawska, and Breaking the Mould will be presented.

Matter of Stuff is a London based design gallery and creative studio established in 2014. Co-founders Simona Auteri and Sofia Steffenoni coordinate community of designers, manufacturers, film makers and story tellers with the aim of promoting a culture where craftsmanship is at the heart of any creation.

The range of products brought together by MOS gallery combine cutting-edge techniques with traditional craftsmanship, serving to reinvigorate the collective imagination.

The artists, designers and fabricators expend enormous quantities of time, knowledge and expertise on the development of a finished product. Matter of Stuff is a platform from which to share the knowledge and passion underlying the realisation of the best designs we can unearth.

The name, Matter of Stuff, was selected to evoke the importance of raw materials that are the base of everyday objects, while giving insight into the nature of the design process. Their core values are collaboration and experimentation… from there they make the extraordinary possible!


Matter of Stuff ©

Matter of Stuff ©

1 millimetre and Matter of Stuff will be exhibiting in Dreamspace during the month of September and London Design Festival.

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